Application of Innovations

The DSD Steel Group GmbH was formed in 1824 as a collection of large-sized active companies, having many years of experience in the international market. DSD’s expertise is in the business sectors of steel construction and maintenance, Locks, barrages, and movable bridges which includes the very sophisticated drive systems required due to their complex dynamics.

DSD NOELL is able to ensure that the control-related details are adapted to comply in perfectly with the dynamic requirements of these systems by always using the very latest control systems.

The DSD Steel Group GmbH, restructures as holding some special companies of the MAN Ferrostaal AG, which have in common steel as material, its application and production.

ICAT is the local partner of DSD in the project execution of Hydro Mechanical works (Lot.2) in Naga Hammadi Barrage & Hydropower Plant and New Assiut Barrage & Hydropower Plant.