Produce Success World Wide

EISENMANN is one of the leading process and system suppliers for automotive painting lines in Germany, conveyor technology, ceramic industries, well known for its environmental friendly treatment systems.

Contracts in cooperation with EISENMANN :

  1. Complete painting line of the Mercedes Benz passenger cars at the new assembly premises in Egypt. Started production 1997.
  2. Dip Phosphate, Electro. Priming & Baking Oven for the Arab American Vehicles Co. (AAV). Started production 1999.
  3. Final assembly line contract of the Jeep Cherokee passenger cars (AAV) and the Peugeot vehicles in Egypt. Started production 2000.
  4. Dip Phosphate, Electronic Priming, Baking Oven and Waste Treatment System for El Nasr Automotive Factory (the largest automotive company in the Middle East). Started Production 2002.
  5. The painting line for BMW passenger cars 3 & 5 series. Started production 2004.