Monopolising The Market By United Efforts

HOME was incorporated under the investment law number 8 for the year 1997, with a capital of 10 Million Egyptian Pounds as a joint stock company between HITACHI Ltd. and ICAT since 2004.
Hitachi Ltd. is one of the leading pump manufacturers in the world with 350 thousand employees worldwide, a turnover of $ 83 billion per year, and a manufacturing line of over 5000 products Hitachi Ltd. established its first worldwide Operation, Maintenance & Management Company in Irrigation & Pumping Stations Sector with different resources and distribution networks for the largest sophisticated schemes of national projects.

Hitachi Ltd. built the main pumps and electromechanical equipment for the Mubarak Pumping Station in Toshka, "bringing life to the desert area" by lifting up 25 million cubic meters of water per day out of Lake Nasser to irrigate 540 thousand Feddans of Toshka Area in south of Egypt.


  1. Design, Construction and Management of Operation and Maintenance of irrigation pumping stations, its distribution networks, and its transferring mains to lands allocated for reclamation, agriculture, and other power plants of any source and for any distribution grids.
  2. Designing, establishing, management, operation, and maintenance of the power generating stations of different resources and distribution networks


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