Seuof Project

Rehabilitation of Sewage Lift Pump Station in Alexandria
The Rehabilitation of Sewage Lift Pump Station in Alexandria, the second largest Governorate in Egypt, is on behalf of The Egyptian Government: the Construction Authority for Potable Water & Wastewater (CAPW) - Capacity 417000 M3/day – serving 50% of Alexandria populations.

The objective of this project is to increase the capacity of El-Seouf Pumping Station by 104,000m3/day (1300 m3/house for 20 hours working) of 4 No. The contract comprises the supply, erection and delivery in perfect condition and full working order of the sewage lifting pumping station units (include pumps, motors, cardan shaft, control panels, transformer, generator etc… complete with the necessary piping, control switchgear, M.T. & L.T. cables and all the necessary equipment to secure efficiency of the plant. The above works are being undertaken entirely by ICAT.