Public Private Partnership

The above referenced three main activities are considered the recipe of ICAT success in the recent scheme of the Egyptian Government " Public Private Partnership " and the future of ICAT mission.

ICAT as Eligible Private Operator is being shortlisted for the following four major National PPP projects:

New Cairo Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The New Cairo Wastewater Treatment Plant PPP Project is one of the Key PPP pilot projects whereby the Ministry of finance (MOF) & New Urban Community Authority (NUCA) has invited private sector to participate, through a competitive bidding process to enter into PPPs for the design, construction, financing, operation and management of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant with a budget of US$ 470 Million - initial capacity of 250,000 m3/day and final capacity of 500,000 m3/day, to treat wastewater within New Cairo City with the objective of implementing a model of PPP transaction in the urban services area which can be replaced in other projects of the wastewater sector.
Consortium members are: Marubeni Corporation (Japan)/ Biwater (U.K.)/ SIAC (Egypt)/ ICAT.

6th Of October Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The Ministry of finance (MOF) & New Urban Community Authority (NUCA) invited the private sector to participate, through a competitive bidding process to enter Public Private Partnership ("PPP") tender involving the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of a new domestic wastewater treatment plant ("WWTP") with a capacity of 150,000 m3/day and with a budget of US$ 300 Million. All assets will be transferred back to Government ownership at the end of the contract duration. The project is located in the 6th of October Governorate.

A contract to implement the project will be awarded through a competitive bidding process open to both local and international bidders:

  1. The project will be structured as a PPP contract between the Construction Authority For Potable Water and Waste Water (CAPW) and the private partner which must be a joint stock company incorporated under the law of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  2. ICAT is partnering with the following consortium members in this project: OHL INIMA (Spain)/SAMCRETE (EGYPT).

Abu Rwash Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) & New Urban Community Authority (NUCA) invited the private sector to participate in Abu Rawash Wastewater Treatment Plant in Giza Governorate, to upgrade the level of treatment, from primary to secondary treatment for the whole capacity of the existing wastewater plant of 1,200,000 m3/day with a budget of US$ 800 Million through Public Private Partnership.

The investor will be required to design, construct, finance, operate and maintain the WWTP and transfer the ownership back to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Development (MHUUD) at the end of the contract period.   Acciona Agua (Spain)/Samcrete (Egypt)  are ICAT partners in this project.

ICAT is currently operating 1.2 primary stage jointly with Arab Contractors.

  • West Delta Project


West Delta Water Conservation & Irrigation Rehabilitation Project on behalf of Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation (MWRI) . The Government of Egypt (GOE) has supported commercial farmers in reclaiming desert lands since the late 1960's in order to compensate for the loss of agricultural land in the Delta, and to provide opportunities to generate new jobs, increase production and widen the development base.
As part of its continuing endeavor to improve water use efficiency and sustainable development, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation is considering an ambitious plan for improving irrigation water availability to the new lands to the West of the Nile Delta.

This will include areas irrigated with surface water in the Nubaria area as well as areas currently depending entirely on ground water for irrigation. In this context, an area of about 255,000 feddans located approximately 60 kilometers North of Cairo to the West of the Nile Delta, have experienced noticeable agricultural growth through exploitation of groundwater resources.

The project's budget is US$ 205 Million financed by the World Bank and AFD. Consortium partners for this project consists of ICAT/Hamza Associates/ Arab Contractors