ICAT for Operation & Maintenance Services (ICAT O&M)

Where We Make The Difference

The Market indices showed a growing future for Operation, Maintenance & Training Services; slowly but surely, ICAT decided to invest in this field and have successfully monopolized the market, reached its goals & targets by uniting efforts with private and governmental bodies.

ICAT for Operation & Maintenance Services (ICAT O&M) incorporated under the investment law No. 8/1997 to be the first affiliated companies of ICAT specializes in Operation, Maintenance and Training Services, established in order to share in the national projects that require advanced technology in the operation and maintenance of the public utilities and irrigation pumping stations with the international affiliations qualified in this field worldwide.

Categorized as the leading private eligible Operator in Egypt, ICAT is operating 2/3 of Greater Cairo Wastewater Treatment Plants serving 13 Million Inhabitants applying 80-85% of international standards. ICAT gained this remarkable experience during its five years cooperation with ANSALDO INDUSTRIA (Italy) and THAMES WATER INTERNATIONAL (U.K.) in commissioning, start-up, operation and maintenance of the "Giant" Gabal El-Asfar Wastewater Treatment Project.

ICAT is the private partner of HCWW (The Holding Company for Water & Wastewater) the governmental body responsible of O&M for Egypt serving 80 Million inhabitants where ICAT is within the circle of decisions making of this sector for the future.

Gabal El Asfar WWTP Project:

ICAT in consortium with DHCU are operating Gabal El-Asfar WWTP, the largest plant in the Middle East and the third in the world with a capacity of 1.2 Million M3/day, serving the urban area which extends from Maadi at the Southern side of Cairo up to Abu Zaabal at the Northern side, together with the area extending from the Pyramids location up to Nasr City in the East Bank of the Nile commencing in 2000 and continuing until the present date.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Ismailia

ICAT awarded an O&M contract with DHCU for Serabioum Wastewater Treatment Plant located at south of Ismailia on behalf of NOPWASD ( National Organization for Potable Water & Sanitary Drainage) capacity 100,000 m3/day serving Ismailia City over the last seven years up to the present date (2011).

  • Mubarak Pumping Station

In view of population increase and the 20-Year National Development Plan, ICAT together with HITACHI Operation & Maintenance – Egypt (HOME) contributed in increasing arable land “Turning Deserts Into Green Land “ by lifting water up to 25 Million M3/day out of Lake Nasser through a contract awarded by the Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation for the MUBARAK PUMPING STATION - TOSHKA
Design, Management of O&M as well as Station Staff Training Services for Mubarak Pumping Station in Toshka, the largest Irrigation Pumping Station in the world. ICAT operated the plant for 4 years (2005-2009) during the guarantee period and succeeded to obtain final Acceptance Certificate from Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

Our contract scope includes implementation of all local works, technical assistance, defect repair, operation, maintenance, theoretical & practical training being performed by a team of 150 engineers & technicians with an objective to transfer the know-how and experience of HITACHI Ltd. to the local operator and create a new generation capable of operating and maintaining greater stations in future.


Pretreatment & E-Coat Application for BMW.

ICAT O&M is ensuring quality control to secure the International Standards of BMW in a three parties contract with Bavarian Auto Manufacturing Company and El-Nasr Automotive Company for the pretreatment and E-Coat application on BMW body shells at El-Nasr Factory.

ICAT in consortium with Arab Contractors Company, Which is owned 100% by Ministry of Housing to Implement Operation & Maintenance services, are currently carring out the O&M of the following two projects on behalf of the Egyptian government represented by CAPW (The Construction Authority for Potable Water & Wastewater).

  • Helwan Wastewater Treatment Plant and Irrigation Pumping Station

    A secondary treatment plant – capacity 550,000M3/day serving 2 Million inhabitants in Helwan Governorate.
    The contract includes the Operation & Maintenance of all the plant and equipment, pest control, landscape, operational improvement, material and stock control using computer programs, building maintenance and station civil works management.
    In cooperation with ARABCO, ICAT's O&M experience and capabilities are strongly contributing the optimization of management of large capacity wastewater treatment plants applying International Standards.

    Abu Rawash Wastewater Treatment Plant and Irrigation Pumping Station

    A primary treatment plant- capacity 1.2 Million M3/day serving 4.3 Million inhabitants, the largest Wastewater Treatment Plant in West Bank - covering Giza Governorate to the West Bank of the River Nile, including the following divisions: Embaba, Agouza, Dokki, Giza, Boulaq, Haram, Giza marakaz, Embaba Markaz, Markaz, Ouseem, Waraq, Omrania & Kerdassa.

    The wastewater is primarily treated; the produced sludge is pumped up to the sludge lagoon at Abu Rawash desert which are situated 40 Km from the station. The plant was constructed in two stages, First stage through USAID Grant in 1992 with a capacity of 400,000 m3/day – The Second stage is now finalized by Arab Contractors with a capacity of 800,000 m3/day to reach 1.2 Million m3/day.

    The contract includes the Start up, commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of all the new stages equipment. ICAT through its consortium with ARABCO, are applying the highest performance standards to meet with the Client requirements and are implementing both improvements of site equipment and staff training of the Government operatives.