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Technology of Tomorrow

SOGREAH provides services in the main activities of infrastructure development for thermal and hydropower schemes, dams, transport, civil engineering, maritime, rural hydraulics, industry, hospitals, tertiary sector buildings, and irrigation.


Contracts in cooperation with SOGREAH:

  1. Consultancy & Supervision of Construction Services for the New Esna Barrage project (Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation). (1984).

  2. Full supervision of the Toshka Master Plan, and construction ofthe main pumping station (1998).

  3. Design the New Barrage at Naga Hammadi in cooperation with Lahmeyer International and Electro Watt for the Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation. (1999) .

  4. Feasibility Study for Zefta Barrage with Mini-Hydropower Plant for the Ministry of Water Resources & Irrigation. (2004) .